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May 20, 2012
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"No No wait please ______! Lets go do something else for the next hour h-how about we go shopping~?" Taiwanese friend Mei nervously stepped in front of you flailing her arms as if she was hiding something. "P-Please Mei....I want to go home I'm tired from walking and this little girl or boy here isn't helping with the back pain." You replied stopping in front of her with one hand over your large and rounded stomach.You were 9 months pregnant and she had been dragging you around town for the past hour already and you were tired and your back hurt. She shook her head stubbornly and tried to think of a way to get you to keep going.

"Come on please? we can sit and rest then go shopping! Please please please you know Im not giving up that easily." Mei said putting her hands and continued to beg. Ya..she was a stubborn person but she was also a good friend and with that you caved. "Fine but only for a little longer."

Feeling relief she took you over to a near by bench and sat you down then took a seat beside you. "So whats going keep panicking anytime I say I want to go home.." You asked turned your head to her gently before feeling a kick and grunted faintly. She didn't answer that though, she changed the subject..for the 10th time today. "Did it kick? Can I feel?" You nodded and she moved over placing her hand on your stomach to feel another light kick.

"Its so're going to be a mother ______!" Mei said happily then pulled her hand away. You nodded as well. You couldn't be any happier after all the child was the result of love from your Spanish boyfriend Antonio, he was the love of your life. He treated you like a princess and was always there for you. When you had first met you had dropped your bags and he helped you pick them back up and carried them to your home with you. One the way you had learned a lot about him and decided to meet up again to thank him for his help.

Thats how it all started between the two of you. "Oh wait here!" Mei quickly got up and left your sight for a short few minutes before coming back with vanilla ice cream for the two of you. You took yours and began to lick it gently, you had been craving something sweet. They when you would get that said sweet item the craving would suddenly change to savory or salty. Being pregnant had its up and downs.

----- Time skip -----

You had just finished your ice cream and got up once more starting off for home once more. Mei tried to hold you back as much as she could but it didn't seem to work. You were tired and wanted to be at home. When you arrived at your front door you heard Mei whine faintly as you opened the door to see Natalia and a few others setting up what looked like a baby shower. "Sorry guys...I couldn't hold her.." Mei muttered then hid behind you since Natalia had threatened her to keep you out and she had failed.

"Sur....prise..." The others said awkwardly since they had been caught. Your eyes began to water, not from began to water a little from being so happy that you had the best friends in the world to do this for you. Walking in you took a seat at the sofa and wiped your tears as they continued to get things set up before getting the party started. "Ciao~ did I miss anything?" You turned your head to see your friend Feliciano, holding a colorfully wrapped box.

"No you are just in time..bastard you were suppose to come early to help set up." Called a voice from the other side of the room. "Vee~ sorry fratello I was with Ludwig and lost track of time" The bubbly Italian then made his way over to a table over by his older brother that had many gifts on it as well setting his own with them. After different people arguing and more people showing up the part had started and was going very well.
no one was drunk or trying to kill each other so it was going smoothly. You were slightly sad though you had hopped Antonio was off work to join the party but he said he was busy working on something.

Next came the time for presents and they forced you to sit. First up went Mei who had gotten you a few gender neutral clothes since you had no idea what the baby was yet. "G-Guys the gifts weren't really needed. Antonia and I could have gone out and get the stuff b-but thank you~ come to think of it I haven't heard from him all day I should call him.." Then everyone in union and sync screamed 'No'. You tilted your head a bit and gave them a suspicious look wondering what they were up to. "C-Come on keep opening presents! Here this one is from Berwald." Mei walked over and handed you another wrapped box which you opened to show a hand made stuffed bear.

Soon the table of gifts was now empty and you smiled rubbing your stomach again. "Thank you everyone~ Toni and I really appreciate it~ I just wish he could be here." You sighed happily and gave a weak smile. "Did you call mi amor~?" You quickly turned your head to see your loving boyfriend walk through the door. You started to get up but he made his way over and made you sit down. "You will need to sit and relax. I'm sorry I'm so late but I was busy getting your gift, you see this was my idea and it isn't just.. a baby shower part.." He said softly as he made his way in front of you and slowly got onto one knee.

You heart began to beat rapidly as your breathing nearly stopped and a lump formed in your throat watching your boyfriend get on his knee and reach into his pock to pull out a small black velvet box opening it to reveal a gorgeous ring that had a diamond cut in the shape of a heart on it. "I also wanted this to be an engagement amor _____ will you do me the honor of becoming my beautiful bride?" Everyone in the room watched you with their fingers crossed. "You idiot..." you said in a serious tone before cracking a smiling and hugging him tightly. "I cant say no to you~ I would love to be your bride" You began to tear up again as he hugged back and gently pulled away kissing you and slipping the ring onto your finger.

Everyone cheered and whistled until you gave a pained look on your face and leaned forward laughing nervously. "Eh mi amor que paso?" Antonio asked quickly wrapping his arms around you. You gave a weak smile and hugged him a bit for gently managing a few words. "I-I think my water broke~" His eyes widened for a moment before he let go for a short moment. "Please excuse me while I do something" He said then left the house. "Where is he going?" Asked Mei looking out the window. "He is probably doing something stupid..." Replied Lovino as he crossed his arms. Suddenly Antonio's voice could be heard he ran around outside of your home around in an excited circle screaming something like an idiot. "I'm going to be a father!!! I'm a father I'm a father~!!!!" He screamed as he ran around some more. Everyone leaned by the window to see him and laughed and so did you, you loved how excited he was.

After another second he quickly came back in panting heavily and then grabbed his keys from his pocket and smiled. "Right we should be getting you to the hospital~" You nodded a bit and smiled to him laughing and cringing slightly at the pain. "Yes I think that's a good idea~" With that you and your new fiance now had a quite the future to look forward to, starting with the birth of your first born child.
Sorry for any grammar errors I know I suck with grammar >w<. Anyway I hope everyone likes it. This is an art trade with mia sorella who just loves Spain.

Yes I use Human names so if you dont know them by that here is a small list.

Antonio = Spain
Mei = Taiwan
Natalia = Belarus
Lovino = Romano
Feliciano = Italy
Ludwig = Germany
Berwald = Sweden

I do not own Hetalia or you.
Hetalia belongs to its rightful owner and you..

You now belong to him >> :iconsexyspainplz:

Gracias for reading!

Sorry if it isnt what you wanted sorella i will make another if you do not like it >w<'


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